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Watson Wood Law, PLLC SBDC Success Story

Economic Impact

  • Business Start 
  • 1 Job Created 
  • Capital injection

Whitney Watson Wood’s journey into entrepreneurship exemplifies a true determination to excel. As an attorney venturing into the realm of small business ownership, Whitney encountered a myriad of challenges. However, armed with tenacity and a vision, she overcame these obstacles to establish Watson Wood Law, PLLC.

Navigating the intricate landscape of starting a law practice presented Whitney with formidable hurdles. From understanding legal regulations to setting up operational frameworks, the journey was rife with complexities. Nevertheless, Whitney found a guiding light in the Angelo State University Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Here, she teamed up with Advisor Dezaray Johnson, who became an invaluable partner in her entrepreneurial journey.

With Dezaray’s expert guidance, Whitney charted her path forward, leveraging the SBDC’s resources to choose the right tools and strategies essential for setting her clients and her business up for success. The support extended beyond mere consultation; it was a partnership that empowered Whitney to navigate the intricacies of business ownership with confidence.

Whitney established her business in the Business Factory. A Business Incubator program that provided an additional layer of support, offering Whitney a conducive environment to foster growth and innovation. Here, she found not just office space but a dynamic community of fellow entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.

Watson Wood Law, PLLC not only created a job but injected vital capital into the local economy, bolstering community prosperity. Through partnership with the SBDC and dedication to her craft, Whitney not only established a thriving law practice but also contributed to the vibrancy of her local economy and community.

“SBDC has been incredibly helpful, particularly getting up and running, for my law practice! Dezaray’s knowledge is invaluable as a partner to help me build a successful practice in the community I love.”

Whitney Watson Wood