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Record Copy, Convenience Copy, Discovery - OH MY!

July 08, 2014

Records are an important part of our day-to-day workflow, but did you know there are rules that govern the retention and destruction of state records?

Texas law requires that every state agency adhere to a certified records retention schedule.  Not only does proper use of the retention schedule ensure that ASU complies with federal and state regulations concerning retention and disposition of official records, it promotes efficient management of those records, protects confidential materials and helps preserve the history and traditions of ASU! So what is a state record? According to TX Government Code 441.80, a state record is “any written, photographic, machine-readable, or other recorded information created or received by or on behalf of a state agency or an elected state official that documents activities in the conduct of state business or use of public resources.” Wow! That is a mouthful. But don’t be intimidated.  Not every record in your office is a record copy. What? What is a record copy? A record copy is the original, or official copy of a record. For example, every office has copies of old operating budgets lying around, but there is only one record copy.  All other copies are considered convenience copies and can be disposed of at any time they out live their usefulness.

While the idea of records management with all of its rules and terms may seem daunting at first, a webpage has been set up with links to the records retention schedule, pertinent records management forms and a FAQ page.  Additionally, if you have questions please contact Shannon Sturm ( or Dr. Maurice Fortin ( and we will be happy to assist you.