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Porter’s Newest Pick!!

June 17, 2014

Introducing the newest addition to the Porter Henderson Library staff, Ms. Erin Johnson

I bet you thought this was about a book, didn’t you?!  We sat down with Ms. Johnson and got the scoop about the newest face at the Circulation Desk and who is behind the newest “pick” at the Library.  Ms. Johnson was asked a series of questions to help us learn a little more about her and of course we are sharing those answers with you – enjoy!

What is your favorite thing to do?

“I love to hang out with my family.”

What is your favorite movie?

She did not hesitate when answering “Breathless”.  (The Library just so happens to own the film – Library win!)

What was your most recent trip or vacation?

“At the end of October I went on a trip to New York with my Mom and Dad.  The year prior my Dad had been picked to run in the NYC Marathon but due to Superstorm Sandy, it was cancelled.  So, this year he did indeed run and my Mom and I went along.  It was really cool to be a part of it.”

What are your hobbies?

“I like to knit and run.” (She did clarify that she does NOT do these at the same time)

How many states have you lived in?

“Being military growing up, I have lived in a few.  I have lived in Texas, Missouri, California and North Dakota.  I was actually born in little town called Sedalia, Missouri.”

Do you have any pets?

“Yes, I have three dogs.  There is Owen (a Boxer), Vivi (a Mini-Schnauzer) and Lily (a mix).”  (Having already seen the stickers on the back of her car, this answer was obvious)

What is your favorite book? (You KNOW we had to ask this one)

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”

What is your favorite TV Show?

“Mad Men”

What made you want to work at Porter Henderson Library?

“When I was attending ASU for my Bachelor’s Degree (which happens to be in History), I absolutely loved my time in the Library.  I always knew I wanted to work here.  Also, now that I am working on getting my Master’s in Library Science at UNT, I wanted to begin work in a library to begin gaining experience in my field of study.”

Erin describes herself as shy at first, but pretty outgoing once she gets to know people and her surroundings.  She comes to us having worked at her prior place of employment for ten years.  Of course with any big change there is always transition.  We hope Erin’s transition is easy and her new journey into her library career is a pathway for her future success. 

If you see Erin when you visit the Library, please be sure to welcome her.