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Pancho, Roberto, and … Franklin (?) Hispanic Heritage Streaming Video Resources @ the Library

September 18, 2014

To find out more about Hispanic heritage in the United States, view several of a multitude of streaming videos the Library has available through our vendors, Ambrose Digital and Films on Demand.

Pancho, Roberto, and … Franklin (?)

The three names above are all “firsts” in their field. All are Hispanic Americans and join trailblazers in other fields of endeavor. Who are they? Who are other “firsts”? To find the answers, see an 8-part series from Ambrose Digital, A History of Hispanic Achievement in America.

Throughout U.S. history, Hispanics have contributed in building the West; in medicine and science; in entertainment, journalism, business, education, civil rights, politics, in sports and more. As “Hispanic Americans have proudly served this country in the Armed Forces,” these videos will lead you on a journey of discovery, from the American Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War.

The titles in this series include:

Spain Comes to the New World (1492-1538)

Spanish American Exploration and Colonization (1539-1719)

Spanish Americans Move Toward Independence (1720-1818)

A New Hispanic Identity Emerges (1819-1847)

Hispanics Become United States Citizens (1848-1897)

Hispanics Become an American Minority (1898-1958)

Emergence of a Unique Hispanic Culture (1959-1968)

Era of the Hispanic American Hero Begins (1969-2007)

The series is also available on DVD in Media (DVD 2270).

Films on Demand provides a number of streaming videos appropriate for Hispanic Heritage Month. Two that investigate Latino culture’s influence on America are:

Drawing on interviews with more than fifty major personalities from a broad cross-section of disciplines, this tour de force both analyzes and celebrates the growing influence of Latino culture in the U.S.

This program looks at the “Three Houses of Latino Culture” – Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Mexican-American – and their widespread influence from entertainment to politics to economics.

A few more examples from Films on Demand include:

As the campus celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, do not forget these resources – and others – found @ the Library.