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WTC Student Assistant Receives Waring Scholarship

September 25, 2014

West Texas Collection student assistant named the first recipient of the Katharine Tweedy Waring Scholarship.

The first Katharine Tweedy Waring Scholarship was awarded September 3 to Duncan Knox. The scholarship was set up in memory of Mrs. Waring by her family and by the Friends of Fairmount.  The purpose of the scholarship is to help preserve the history of San Angelo, in particular that of Fairmount Cemetery. Knox has served for two years as a student representative from the Honors Program to the Friends of Fairmount Board of Directors.

Through his work, Duncan prepared posters listing some of the memorable individuals buried in Fairmount and information from his research was used for placing information signs in the cemetery.  He attends the board meetings and assists with various projects.

Please join us in congratulating Duncan Knox, who is a history major and student assistant in the West Texas Collection.

Photo:  Eva Horton (daughter of Katharine Tweedy Waring), Duncan Knox, Ann West (current president of Friends of Fairmount Board)