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Sheep in the Library?

October 22, 2014

Library Resources pertaining to Ian Cheney, Holland Symposium Speaker.

2014 Holland Symposium speaker and filmmaker Ian Cheney once released sheep onto the Yale quad as part of an effort to increase the awareness of fellow students with food production. While we’re guessing that Mr. Cheney will NOT be making live sheep a part of his presentation, you can view the Library’s LibGuide featuring biographical information and interviews with Mr. Cheney, film trailers and episodes from four of his productions, and additional information. The Library also has a display at the main entrance featuring some of Mr. Cheney’s works, and two of his documentaries can be checked out from the Library’s Media Collection. Since one of these videos is King Corn, and the Symposium title is There’s Corn in My Hair? And Other Strange Tales From My Adventures With Food, we are not taking bets with regard to whether the relevant grain makes some sort of appearance.