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Look out, it’s Pumpkinhead!

October 28, 2014

You saw the title and thought this blog would be a highlight of 80’s horror flicks like Pumpkinhead, didn’t you?  Not this time. Actually, you are in for a treat as we share our own tiny terrors and creepy cuties made by the Library staff!!

Theresa Fortin, wife of Dr. Maurice Fortin, thought a pumpkin decorating contest would be a great way for the staff at Porter Henderson Library to have a little Halloween fun.  She provided small pumpkins for any of the staff and student workers who wanted to participate and, along with all the fun, we discovered the depth of creativity that exists within our small staff.

Along with decorating, we were presented with four chances to win a small prize for pumpkins selected as the most artistic, the scariest, the funniest, and the Director’s favorite. The judges admitted to having a difficult time selecting the winner for each category but eventually decided the following: The winner for most artistic was created by Araceli Waters (Student Assistant).  As you can see in the picture below, the “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme and mirror that added the full effect, it was an amazing creation and indeed very artistic.  Funniest went to Angela Skaggs (Assistant Director for Access Services) for her pumpkin that was transformed into a puffer fish.  She hand glued each and every candy corn to the pumpkin and the result was quite adorable and comical. Amanda Putman (Library Assistant) received the award for scariest with her recreation of the fictional character known as “Pinhead”.  The likeliness to the character from the movie was amazing.  This pumpkin was indeed the scariest of them all but so very cute as well.

 The Director’s favorite was won by Kimberly Wirth (Office Coordinator).  As you can see this pumpkin reflects the beauty of Fall and can be left out from Halloween through Thanksgiving.

Each and every entry could have won as the ideas and efforts were truly amazing. You should hear all the stories of last minute disasters, fixes, and near misses. We hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoyed making them.  Please stop by the Library and look at them for yourself. They are currently housed in the display case at the Library’s entrance.