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Let Your Voice Be Heard: Vote on 11/4

November 01, 2014

  • Used with permission of the Office of the Texas Secretary of State
Find out whether you’re registered, where to vote, and get information on the candidates.

Election Day is coming up: Tuesday, November 4. There are several important positions on the ballot, including Governor, U. S. Representative, Texas Supreme Court Justices, State Senator, State Representative, and many, many more!

Not sure if you’re registered to vote? Find out on the Texas Secretary of State website. In Texas, you need to register to vote at least 30 days before an election. (For more information, check out If you haven’t already registered, register now so you’re ready for the next election! If you are registered, you may find your polling place information here.

To find out who will be on your ballot as well as the candidates’ biographies, you may want to use Curious to learn more about who is currently representing you? Learn more with

If you would like to find information authored by Texas political parties, see their websites: