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Tis the Season of Joy and Sharing!

November 28, 2014

The Porter Henderson Library hosts a donation drive to support Meals for the Elderly, a program completely funded by donations, fundraising events, grants, and planned gifts. 

Do you have grandparents or any other elderly person who means the world to you?  Do you know of senior citizens who are housebound and alone? Sadly, this is a reality for so many of our local elderly population. Fortunately, you can help change that! 

Each semester the Library hosts a donation drive to support our community’s charitable organizations. This holiday season, our donation drive seeks to support the needs of Meals for the Elderly. Meals for the Elderly, is a private, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to serving the home-bound elderly of San Angelo, Texas and its surrounding areas. These dedicated people also strive to ensure individual well-being of our elderly citizens through personal contact.

Do you know an elderly person with a beloved pet that provides great companionship and helps alleviate loneliness? In recognition of the importance of these companions, Meals for the Elderly also organizes a supplemental pet food program to ensure they are provided for as well. 

If you would like to donate, please see the wish list below for requested items for the elderly and their pets. There are also kitchen and office items listed to support the tireless work of the people who keep this program in operation.

The donation drive will take place:

Sunday, November 30th – Sunday, December 7th.

All items may be dropped off at the designated location on the 1st Floor of the Library in the Learning Commons.  If you are unable to donate within this time frame, or have additional questions, please contact:

Autumn Barnes


Thank you for your generosity and for bringing joy to our local elderly population this holiday season!