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Student Assistant Appreciation Food Feast

December 17, 2014

Every fall and spring the Library staff takes time to show appreciation for our student assistants, have fun, and eat way too much!

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, the staff of the Library hosts a “food feast” to say thank you to our student workers and offer congratulations to those who are graduating. Dr. Maurice Fortin (Library Director) credits the student assistants with making it possible for the Library to be open for extended hours. 

Our Fall Food Feast is always an extra special event for two reasons. First, rather than participate in a gift exchange, the Library staff selects a charity, project, or other identified need and spends the fall collecting for a donation. This year we chose two projects: to contribute towards a micro-library on a small island in the Marshall Island chain and towards a home library for a local residence being remodeled to serve house-bound elders to provide engaging activities for its senior residents.

The second reason we especially enjoy the Fall Food Feast is that we always look forward to the unveiling of the handmade ornaments created by Theresa Fortin, the very talented wife of the Library Director.

After a semester of juggling demanding schedules that include keeping up with their classes, preparing for final exams, and providing excellent service in the Library, we enjoy being able to show our appreciation in an environment of laughter and joy.

Thank you to all the student assistants in the Porter Henderson Library and West Texas Collection! We couldn’t do it without you!!!