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MLK in Streaming Videos @ The Library

January 14, 2015

Did you know that you can use the Library’s databases to find streaming videos about Martin Luther King, Jr.: the man, the history, and the holiday?

Information about Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as his iconic “I Have Dream” speech, can be found in Films on Demand available via the Library Databases page.

How much can be found there?

If you do a search on “Martin Luther King” in ‘segments’ you will retrieve 309 videos.

A search by ‘titles’ using the same terms retrieves 84 videos.

Some of the 84 titles include Civil Rights Historians Discuss Martin Luther King, Jr.; Martin Luther King Press Conference; and Martin Luther King, Jr.: Look Here. The latter one is one of the first in-depth televised interviews given by King; it was broadcast on October 27, 1957, on the NBC News show Look Here.

The segments appear in various series titles such as A&E Classroom: The Class of the 20th Century, Eyes on the Prize, Century: Decades of Change, and Great Speeches. Other videos include titles such as, Anne Braden: Southern Patriot (she “bemoans the dreamy martyr image of Martin Luther King; he wasn’t a dreamer, he was a revolutionary …”) and At the River I Stand (a “documentary unravels the complex historical forces that turned a strike by Memphis sanitation workers into a national conflagration, ultimately leading to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”). There are other videos on King’s final day and Robert F. Kennedy’s eulogy. You’ll also find various clip reels and ones on the MLK holiday.

To “view more about it,” be sure to go to the Library Databases page and double-click the Films on Demand link.