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West Texas Historical Association Honors Campbell as Fellow

April 17, 2015

The West Texas Historical Association (WTHA) honored Suzanne Campbell, head of Special Collections and Programs, by naming her as a Fellow.

On Saturday, April 11, renowned Texas Historian, Dr. Paul Carlson, introduced Suzanne Campbell as a new West Texas Historical Association (WTHA) Fellow.  The announcement was made during the Association’s annual meeting in Amarillo.  This recognition comes after decades of devotion to preserving and making available the rich history of this region of Texas.  Campbell has worked at ASU since 1995, first as an instructor in the history department and, since 1996, as the head of the West Texas Collection. 

Over the years, Campbell has presented numerous papers at the WTHA annual meetings as well as for the Texas State Historical Association and a plethora of community, civic and professional organizations  speaking on such diverse topics as:  San Angelo’s soiled doves, the life of John Twohig (namesake of Twohig St. in San Angelo), funeral home records, historic buildings, the life of George Jackson,  the early Jewish population of West Texas and, most recently, the dos and don’ts of conducting a History Harvest.  In addition to, or perhaps because of, her active participation in the field, Campbell has instilled a love of local/regional history in a countless number of students at ASU.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and her encouragement never ceasing.  As a result, many of these students have gone on to present papers at the WTHA and beyond.     

Please join us in congratulating Suzanne on this well-deserved honor.