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Duncan Knox Honored

May 04, 2015

Duncan Knox, Angelo State history major and Honors student, has been designated as one of six Academic Excellence Distinguished Students at ASU.

Knox earned the distinction through extraordinary curricular and extra-curricular accomplishments. Knox has a lengthy list of accomplishments and many academic distinctions, but the most notable is that he was named a Fulbright Fellow in 2013 and attended the UK-US Fulbright Summer Institute in Bristol, England. There, he studied “The Slave Trade and the Atlantic Heritage.” In addition, he was an intern in the historical archives housed at the U.S. Supreme Court during the summer of 2014.

He made the Dean’s List every year during his tenure at ASU, and received Carr Scholarships throughout. With many historical conference presentations to his credit already, Knox will enroll at Texas Tech University in the fall of 2015 to pursue a master’s degree in History. Afterward, he plans on earning a Ph.D., and becoming a professional historian and college professor.