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The Painter Within

July 17, 2015

What do you think a librarian “looks” like?  Not just in physical form but as a person, as a whole.   Get to know just what a librarian “looks” like here at Porter Henderson Library.

When you think of a librarian, do you envision the stereotypical female (because we ALL know librarians are women) with her hair pulled back into a bun, horn-rimmed glasses on her face (the better to see you with), reading a book (at all times), and waiting diligently to hear the slightest of whispers so that she can immediately shush the noise makers.  If so, you have probably been reading too many books (which is NOT a bad thing) and have a slightly unrealistic idea of what a librarian truly is.

In truth, librarians are just like every other person we encounter in our day to day lives.  These men and women are each very unique, hardworking, dedicated individuals who have good days, bad days, and they even………have FUN.  You may even find practical jokers within their ranks.  We do have one here, but that is for another post. Librarians have many hobbies, talents, and interests outside of the realm of books. Our resident artist, Angela Skaggs (Assistant Director for Access Services), is a librarian whose hobbies include jewelry making and painting. One step inside her office reveals a tranquil environment reminiscent of a gallery with beautiful works of art hanging upon the walls.

Angela Skaggs has painted for many years, using her preferred watercolors over acrylic or oil paints, to create countless works of art. Each painting captures the subject and brings it to life with a beautiful blend of colors that truly draws viewers into the landscape and creates of feeling of being able to smell the fragrant flowers.

While her art is not displayed in public parts of the Library, these photos provide a glimpse of some of the beauty to be found as her creations outgrew the confines of her office and other library staff quickly volunteered to hang some of her paintings in their offices. Angela finds peace at the end of a paint brush and shares her mind’s creations on canvas.  Ms. Skaggs has a true gift and it is more than evident with a walk through the areas where her art is displayed.

Angelo Skaggs - Assistant Director for Access Services Angelo Skaggs - Assistant Director for Access Services