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The Wright Stuff

When Angie Wright joined the ASU staff 23 years ago, she never dreamed she would one day be the university’s top financial administrator.

That is exactly what happened, though, in June when Wright was named ASU’s vice president for finance and administration (VPFA) after holding the job on an interim basis for 15 months. She serves as the chief financial officer for the university, overseeing financial operations, including budgeting and reporting, as well as facilities management, information technology, university police, human resources and several other offices.

For the San Angelo native, it is energizing to have the “interim” dropped from her title.

“After doing this as interim for 15 months, I realized how much I love it,” Wright said. “I like working with the facilities and construction guys, with the police and with IT. I think going back to my previous role as associate vice president would have been confining because I really liked stepping up and doing all these new things.”

“Also, I can make plans now,” she continued. “When you are an interim, you are just kind of holding down the fort. So, you don’t want to make any long-range plans because the next person in could possibly change them, and that’s unfair to all the people who worked to make your changes, to then have to undo them.”

A graduate of San Angelo Lake View High School, Wright earned her Bachelor of Business Administration at ASU in 1985 and then worked five years in the private sector before returning to ASU as payroll coordinator in 1991. She was steadily promoted to positions of greater responsibility, eventually being named assistant vice president for finance and administration in 2006 and associate vice president in 2007. She stepped in as interim VPFA when her predecessor, Michael Reid, resigned in 2013.

“Angie’s extensive knowledge and experience both with ASU’s financial administration and with the state appropriation process make her the perfect candidate for the vice presidential position,” said ASU President Brian J. May. “She has a proven record of expertise in finance and administration and a commendable commitment to this university and its educational goals.”

Now permanently ensconced in her new position, Wright is ready to move full speed ahead.

“There are a lot of challenges,” Wright said. “Look at the drought. It has changed the way we work on the landscape of our campus. We also need to redo the Campus Master Plan. What was done years ago was under a different president, different philosophy and different leadership. Strategically, we need to revamp that plan.”

“You have to have a vision to be in this position,” she added. “But it’s a big challenge to have the right vision for the campus that will be ongoing and have a positive impact not only for the campus, but also for San Angelo, Tom Green County, the Concho Valley and Texas.”

Wright’s long association with ASU as both student and administrator has put her in a prime position to lend her vision to the university and the region.

“I really love this university and I believe in what we do,” Wright said. “I like the people I work with and I like coming to work. I like the students and I like the faculty and staff. That’s really what has kept me here all these years, and now we will move forward together.”

Wright and her husband, Mark, also an ASU finance graduate, have three children and two grandchildren.

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    Tom Nurre

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