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Trust in Digital Environments

Social media and social networking have become a common communication tool in contemporary society. This proposed class will focus on how individuals use social media to establish, maintain, and (possibly) end interpersonal relationships using social media. I aim to teach students ways to create clear and ethical digital messages, use effective self-disclosure, improve their communication privacy management tactics, and understand the benefits and dangers of digital message storage. These lessons may be used to create trusting relationships with others and learn to manage relational turbulence if/when that trust is violated. I believe these skills are especially useful for incoming students as they learn to manage relationships with friends, professors, employers, co-workers, and others. Students will use the Porter Henderson Library databases to find contemporary computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication research to learn about this topic. Students will also be required to write brief journal assignments throughout the semester. The goal of these journal assignments is to connect research with the daily lives and common communication tactics of the students.


F 04


TR 8:00-8:50


Benjamin Brojakowski


Communication / Mass Media