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Oaxaca, Mexico 2023

To be eligible for the Mexico 2023 program, you must be a second-year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage in study and humanitarian services in Oaxaca, Mexico.

You will provide physical therapy musculoskeletal examination and treatment in an underserved, non-traditional healthcare setting under the guidance of ASU faculty. You will also interact with physical therapy students and faculty at La Salle University in Oaxaca and go on various cultural excursions.

These experiences will enrich your appreciation of the Mexican healthcare system, alternative indigenous medicine, the training of Mexican physical therapy students, and the cultural diversity of Oaxaca.

Completing this trip will enhance your performance in your musculoskeletal practicum and improve your professional employment prospects when you graduate.

Program Summary

Focus: Physical Therapy

Term: Winter

Travel Dates: Jan. 3-11, 2023

Credit: 2 hours of graduate credit

Application Deadline: April 1, 2022

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