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Ashley Kemp

Admissions Counselor


Phone: 325-942-2041

Office: Hardman Student Service Center, Room 100

About Ashley

  • Hometown: Christoval, TX
  • High school attended: Christoval High School
  • Undergraduate institution: Angelo State University
  • Degree/major: Bachelor of Science (B.S) Specializing in Athletic Training

What advice would you give students about choosing a university?

Choose a University that makes you feel welcomed and most importantly where you feel at home. Find one where the faculty and staff of the University are willing to help you even after graduating.

Why did you decide to attend ASU?

I chose Angelo State because the campus is one big family. They are welcoming and always have events or activities going on for their students. I also chose Angelo State because I had family that went there and told me all about how the professors strive on seeing their students succeed throughout school, even after they graduate.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus has always been the CHP. I lived there basically throughout most of my college experience, mostly because it was where almost all my classes were. Also because it always felt like a judgment-free zone and it was amazing seeing people having fun and trying to better themselves.

What do you like about being an admissions counselor?

I love being able to help others and this gives me a chance to help students with the process of joining the Ram Fam and also being able to share my experience and love for Angelo State.