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Octavio Garza

Admissions Counselor


Phone: 325-942-2041

Office: Hardman Student Service Center, Room 100

About Octavio

  • Hometown: Laredo, TX
  • High school attended: United High School
  • Undergraduate institution: Angelo State University
  • Degree/major: Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Criminal Justice

What advice would you give students about choosing a university?

When selecting a university, aim for a place where you can comfortably grow beyond your hometown roots. Choose a campus that feels like a home away from home, enabling you to flourish in every aspect of your college experience.

Why did you decide to attend ASU?

I chose Angelo State to break away from my hometown and broaden my understanding outside my comfort zone, creating personal growth.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite area at Angelo State is the University Center. It’s where I can relax, eat, and chat with friends, creating memorable moments in the heart of campus life.

What do you like about being an admissions counselor?

I decided to become an Admissions Counselor at ASU because I wanted the chance to enhance the experience for others, making their time at Angelo State University enjoyable and memorable.