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Haley Del Rio


Phone: 325-942-2041

Office: Hardman Student Service Center, Room 100

About Haley

  • Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
  • High school attended: Central High School
  • Undergraduate institution: Angelo State University
  • Degree/major: Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Communications

What advice would you give students about choosing a university?

When deciding where to go for potentially the next 4 years allow yourself to really get to know the campus or campuses you are choosing from. Ask all the questions you need even if it seems like it’s not an important question, ask! Make sure the campus will allow you to grow as an individual and prepare you to reach your goals and make lifelong connections.

Why did you decide to attend ASU?

I decided to go to ASU because I knew I would be able to get to know my professors and peers on a more personal level because of the smaller class sizes. Another reason I decided to go to ASU was because of the countless resources I had access to, and I was able to get help every step of the way during my time at ASU. I also loved all the opportunities to get involved on campus.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the Mayer Museum. For me, the Mayer Museum was a place I would go to when I needed a break, and I could go here and look at beautiful art and learn about the amazing history of Texas and more.

What do you like about being an admissions counselor?

I like being an admissions counselor because I was a first-generation college student, and coming to ASU, I had no prior experience of what college was like and the processes involved. Now that I have that experience, I can help other first-generation college students along their path. I also enjoy being able to talk to students about their potential paths and get them excited to join the Ram Fam!