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Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp

Executive Director, Judaism Unbound

Topic: Rest

Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp is the Executive Director of Judaism Unbound. Miriam served as Senior Rabbi of Temple Sholom in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 13 years and founded JustLOVE, a multi-faith movement for activists. JustLOVE’s mission is to counteract overwhelming grief, loss and oppression through the belief that love is bigger than hate. And then acting on it. It was founded by Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp with a team of four pastors and fourteen partner organizations. Miriam was ordained in 2010 at HUC-JIR, Los Angeles, and received her BA with Honors in Philosophy of Religion and Studio Art from Scripps College. Miriam loves writing, painting, and making ridiculously fun videos about Jewish values.