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Olivia Leyva Castro, MBA

Office Coordinator II David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering
Vincent Building 268

Olivia has been employed with Angelo State University since 2013. Olivia recently joined the ASU Engineering Department in November of 2020 and wears many hats. When she is not working at her 8 to 5 job as an Office Coordinator II, she is working at her two small family businesses. She graduated from ASU in 2002 with a BBA and an MBA with Specializing in Global Management in 2009 from the University of Phoenix. She has 21 years’ experience in a Self-storage small family business and five years with an Alkaline water store business next door.

She has a passion for music and jogging. She is a mother of two and has always encouraged a positive outlook in their lives. If you were to ask Olivia what is the key to life, she would respond, I have made many mistakes on my own in life and with this, I have learned that I can only plan and move forward if I put God first in my life, then family, and service.