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Examining Beliefs-Liminal Thinking

How do we develop the beliefs that we lay claim to? How do those beliefs affect how we act and react to day-to-day decisions? This course will try to address those two questions. The ideas and concepts we will use to examine our beliefs come from Dave Gray’s book Liminal Thinking. The word liminal refers to boundaries, doors, or portals. So, liminal thinking refers to opening doors to new ways of thinking. Specifically we will examine how our beliefs are a result of our experiences, especially those experiences that we pay the closest attention to. The goal is to not only examine how we develop our beliefs but to recognize that our beliefs are constructions that need to be challenged and validated. This course will also look at “learning loops” and how beliefs influence our “actions” which produce “results” that sometimes do not meet our “needs.” By examining our beliefs we can come to a new understanding that can help us navigate times of transition and times when our actions do not give us the results we desire.




MW 12:00-12:50


Ron Scott


English Modern Languages