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Dr. Floyd Huang

Associate Professor Department of Physical Therapy


Dr. Han-Hung (Floyd) Huang

Dr. Huang is a physical therapist in the state of Texas. He completed his PhD training in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Huang joined ASU Physical Therapy Department in 2012. He teaches musculoskeletal system examination and management, clinical pathology, clinical anatomy, clinical research, and evidence-based practice. Dr. Huang also coordinates Doctor of Physical Therapy student capstone research at ASU.

Dr. Huang is the director of the Diabetes Research Lab at ASU. Since 2006, Dr. Huang has been conducting basic science and clinical research projects in diabetes with several peer-reviewed publications. His current research focus is how physical therapists can better serve people with diabetes. He is also working on several intramural and extramural interdisciplinary research projects. Dr. Huang received Texas Tech University System Chancellor’s Council Distinguished Research Award in 2021.