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Danielle Plecenik


Phone: 325-942-2041

Office: Hardeman Student Services Center 100

About Danielle

  • Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
  • High school attended: Las Vegas Academy
  • Undergraduate institution: University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Degree/major: B.A. in Psychology; M.Ed in Student Development and Leadership in Higher Education

What advice would you give students about choosing a university?

Do the math - Find a school that is going to give you a great education for a great price! ASU’s goal is to get you in and out of college in four years or less with as little debt as possible. We do all that while ensuring you get into graduate school or a job after graduation!

Why did you decide to attend ASU?

I did not attend ASU for my undergrad - I attended a larger university and fell victim to just being a number. At ASU you will always be more than that! I received my M.Ed from ASU and enjoyed the smaller class sizes and more personalized classroom experience!

What is your favorite place on campus?

I absolutely love our new Stephen’s Chapel! It is a beautiful, peaceful place to just sit in silence with my thoughts.

What do you like about being an admissions counselor?

I love helping students figure out what they want to be when they grow up. I made a lot of mistakes along my college journey and if I can help just one student on their college path, I’ll be happy!