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Digital Painting Photoshop

The Digital Painting using Photoshop is a crash course into the world of graphic design. Whether you’re a freshman or high school graduate looking for more insight into graphic design and fine arts, or just someone looking to learn something new, everyone will get something out of this deign class. Students will be challenged to develop design solutions using the elements of design while exploring the expressive potential of type and digital imaging to create dynamic, visual compositions. Through hands-on projects, collaborative learning and client-based work—students will learn the language and process for design thinking, gain foundation in visual literacy and understanding of rhythm balance, emphasis, and scale using appropriate design elements such as line, texture, grid, color, and type. In this class, everyone is encourages to express their creativity while working within the constraints of a given assignment, participate in class critiques, conduct visual research and report writing. Creativity and experimentation are highly encouraged.




TR 11:00-11:50


Edwin Cuenco


Visual and Performing Arts