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Dr. Shelly Weise

Professor/Davidson Chair Department of Physical Therapy


Dr. Weise has been teaching at Angelo State University since 2000. She served as Department Head and Program Director beginning in 2004 through 2007. She returned to a full-time faculty position as Associate Professor in the fall of 2007. Dr. Weise was appointed as the Physical Therapy Program Director beginning fall 2011. She served as Department Head, Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences, June 2014. She has served as Department Chair, Physical Therapy, since 2014. She additionally serves on college, university and community committees which have included tenure and promotion, the academic master plan, curriculum assessment, health and wellness and departmental accreditation. With regard to teaching, she is primarily responsible for instruction in the clinical exercise physiology and the cardiopulmonary pathology courses. In addition, she contributes cardiopulmonary content in the foundations of clinical pathology and the fundamentals of physical therapist examination courses.

Dr. Weise’s primary research interests include the study of the effects of physical activity on blood lipid parameters and additional health parameters, with special emphasis as this relates to women with prevention strategies through exercise programming. She has uniquely studied a population subgroup including postmenopausal women and continues these efforts at the community level in her current position. Recently, she has examined physical activity parameters and health behaviors of both physical therapy graduate students and college students. She has received research grants and has presented locally and nationally on topic areas including: cardiopulmonary assessment for the clinician, women and heart disease and inter-disciplinary approaches to cardiac risk factor reduction in women.

Dr. Weise has practiced in multiple clinical and physical therapy settings for the past 20 years, with specialty areas including acute care, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation/exercise physiology and orthopedic injuries. Dr. Weise has held clinical supervisory positions in acute care and also in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. In addition, Dr. Weise has developed and supervised wellness programming in university and hospital settings. Currently, Dr. Weise continues her clinical practice in acute care and long term care settings, in addition to her academic appointment.