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Copyright Guidelines

The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) contains provisions that both allow and limit the use of copyrighted materials for instruction.

The following guidelines are provided to ensure that practices and procedures for digitizing copyrighted analog audiovisual works (DVDs, VHS) for streaming in online/distance education courses are in adherence with current federal copyright laws.

U.S. copyright law grants copyright owners the exclusive rights to:

  1. reproduce a work;
  2. prepare derivative works based on the original;
  3. distribute copies to the public;
  4. perform the work publicly;
  5. display the work publicly.

Exceptions and limitations to these exclusive rights are listed in Sections 107 through 122 of the first chapter of the U.S. Copyright Act. It is the responsibility of all members of the Angelo State University community to understand these exemptions and to make a good faith determination that the use of a copyrighted work is indeed permissible. If none of the exemptions apply, then permission from the copyright holder must be requested for the use of the work.


When none of the exemptions or limitations listed above apply, permission from the copyright holder for the use of the work is required.

For more information on copyright-related matters, contact Chris Matz, Executive Director of the Porter Henderson Library.

DISCLAIMER: Individual faculty members assume full responsibility for complying with copyright law.