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Awards and Honors

At Angelo State, we value and strive for excellence in everything we do. As members of Greek organizations, we strive to not only achieve, but to be leaders in our campus, local and national communities. We are pleased to honor and recognize individual members and chapters of Angelo State’s Greek community that have helped set the bar and challenge themselves to be the best.

Greek Awards 2018

Award Nominations are due by 11:59 PM on Monday, March 19th. 

April 17th, 2018 at 6:00 PM in C.J. Davidson Center

Greek Awards 2017

Chapter of the Year:  Kappa Delta Rho

Manny’s Mission:  Claire Parker, Rho Gamma
Fraternity Member of the Year:  Tyler Tischler, Pi Kappa Alpha 
Sorority Member of the Year:  Remington Jackson, Rho Gamma

New Member Class of the Year:  Kappa Sigma 
Sorority New Member of the Year:  Jennifer Sanchez-Morales, Sigma Kappa
Fraternity New Member of the Year:  Mark Smolka, Pi Kappa Alpha
President of the Year:  Chastity Aguilar, Delta Zeta
Outstanding Officer:   Claire Parker, Rho Gamma
Outstanding Junior:  Remington Jackson, Rho Gamma
Outstanding Sophomore:   Rosalyn Hollingsworth, Sigma Kappa
PHC Advisor of the Year:  Kelsey Samsel, Sigma Kappa
Greek Scholar New Member:  Madelyn Day, Rho Gamma

Greek Scholar New Member:  Lacey Maurice, Delta Zeta
Greek Scholar Active Member: 
 Micah Healey, Delta Zeta
Academic Excellence:   Sigma Kappa
Scholastic Improvement:  
 Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Outstanding Leadership and Involvement:  Delta Zeta
Outstanding Community Service:  
 Sigma Kappa 
Chapter Choice:
  Sigma Kappa

Greek Week 2017

Champions: Kappa Delta Rho 

Other Awards 2016-2017

Rammy: Greek Social Organization of the Year: Tau Kappa Epsilon