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  • Greek Life Funding

    The Greek Life Fund (GLF) provides Angelo State University social Greek Chapters access to financial resources so that they can provide programs and activities for the campus community. GLF is primarily intended for those chapters that do not have access to funding from other campus departments or programs.  GLF provides funding for activities that are over and above the routine needs of each chapter as it is reasonable to expect chapters to pay for their basic expenses through dues, donations, fund-raisers, and other methods of self-support.

    The GLF program is designed to assist chapters in the following areas:

    1. Sponsoring programs that enhance the social, recreational, and/or academic aspects of campus life, and
    2. Participating in endeavors that contribute to the leadership or professional development of organization members.

    GLF Form

    Below is a checklist that should be utilized to keep track of what materials need to be submitted prior to your event. Please be diligent in completing these tasks

    GLF Event Checklist 

  • Travel

    After a Greek Life chapter receives approval for a GLF Application for Travel. A travel packet is due 2 weeks prior to when funding is needed. The majority of travel forms are available on the Travel Office webpage all other forms are linked below. 

    *Note: Personal Purchases such as alcohol, tobacco, and personal items/souvenirs are not expenses you can use this funding for. Please keep all receipts.*

    In order to assist in keeping up with this process, below is link to our Travel Checklist. Please utilize this document to see what tasks need to be completed before your travel packet can be processed:

    Travel Checklist

    Travel Packet

    Request to Greek Council
    • GLF Application (Needed for Greek Life Office Documentation)
    • Student Activity Release Form (This form should be used when students are participating in or traveling to University sponsored events or activities. Every student participating/traveling needs to fill this form out.)
    • Student Driver Acknowledgement Statement (This form should be used, in addition to the Student Activity Release Form Travel by Private Vehicle, when a student is driving a personal or privately owned vehicle to University sponsored events or activities. *This form is for drivers only) 
    After approval of Greek Council
    • Travel Authorizations Request Note: Advisers must fill out the top portion of this document  with their information (including CID), sign the bottom of the document that states “Traveler/Adviser,” and have your adviser’s Department Head/Supervisor sign the “Department Head/Supervisor” blank. All of this is required for this one form!
    • Student Group Travel List (Every student traveling needs to be on this list)
    • Student Group Travel Form (NOTE: If your adviser is NOT attending this event, please do not fill out the section that begins with “Provide the Name of the Adviser accompanying this trip.”) You and your adviser must sign this form.
    • Student Activity Release Form Travel by Private Vehicle (This form should be used when students are riding or driving in a personal or privately owned vehicle to University sponsored events or activities.)
    • Adviser Memo if not attending trip. If your adviser is not attending the trip, they need to fill out this memo to be included in your packet.
    • McNally Mileage Calculator. If you wish to claim mileage: Please print off the mileage page and include this in your packet. (Mileage should be at $0.25 per mile when calculating costs for TAR or GLF app)
    • Include any and all supporting documents (Hotel Reservations, Confirmation of registration payments, etc.)
    • Student Travel Profile (Note: Only if traveling by Air)

    Post-Travel Paperwork

    Upon returning from a student trip student organizations have 2 weeks to submit the Student Travel Expense Report, appropriate receipts and remaining funds. (Note: Advisers must sign this form.)

    All information pertaining to Greek Life Funding is available in the GLF Tab. 

  • Reservations & Event Planning

    Any and all campus activities  you would like to host, from bake sales, to recruitment events, need to be approved and reserved through the ASU Special Events Department.

    Steps for reserving a space for an event are provided below and are also on the Special Events web page:

    1. Submit the Facilities Request Form two weeks prior to your requested reservation date. (See the user guide or quick reference if you need help.) We will reply to your request within three days.
    2. Make liability insurance arrangements through Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) to purchase a certificate. 
    3. If you plan to serve food, make arrangements with our contracted provider, Chartwells Catering Service. Contact catering at 325-942-2124 for any inquiries or questions.
    4. Once you have received written confirmation from Special Events, develop a marketing plan for your event. Consider submitting a Ram Vision request to supplement your marketing efforts.
    5. Submit a request to Information Technology for any additional equipment beyond what Special Events offers. Contact Information Technology at 325-942-2911.
    6. Think about special accommodations that you may need for those in attendance (i.e. accessibility accommodations or language translation).
    7. Plan a meeting with an ASU Special Events Events Manager two weeks prior to your event to ensure that you have addressed all aspects of your event.

    Make a Reservation

    If you have any questions, or need help, please do not hesitate to reach out the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office at 325-486-5409

  • Rosters

    Chapter Rosters

    In order to keep an accurate record of who is in your chapter, you must update statuses of your members each semester. The Greek Life Coordinator, or designee, will be sending a link to your ASU email regarding how, and when to update your roster. Please know that there is a due date established for Rosters to be completed. If your roster is not completed by the due date, it will affect your chapter members eligibility. Also, any changes made to the roster after the due date must be approved by the Greek Life Office before they can be made. For a consistent reference, please see the instructions below for updating your roster:

    1. Obtain Google Sheet Link to your roster from Greek Life staff member, as well as the due date.
    2. Removing or changing the status of a member
      1. Highlight the name in Red and update their status column accordingly
        1. A=Active
        2. I=Inactive – Leave of absence, or someone who is still a member but will not be considered active for the Spring.
        3. S=Severed – a member who has completely been removed from the chapter and is no longer a member of any status within your chapter.
        4. D=Depledged – a new member who never was initiated and left the chapter or was removed from the chapter
        5. G=Graduated
    3. Updating information about current members
      1. Edit/update information such as positions, contact information, etc.
      2. When a members information is changed/updated, please highlight this change in yellow.
    4. Adding New Members
      1. Once formal recruitment has concluded, please update your roster with new member information at the bottom of the roster under the “new member” section.
      2. For informal or COB, please add new members by contacting the Greek Life Area first, so that access for editing can be granted outside of the normal editing period. 
    5. Adding Members Back onto the roster
      1. During the open roster editing period, you may add previous inactive members back onto your roster. Please highlight these individuals.
      2. Members that are added outside of the editing period (such as in the middle of the semester) will not be considered for GPA ranking at the conclusion of the semester.
    6. When Finished:
      1. Send an email to Greek Life Coordinator indicating your roster is completed, and finalized. Once this is done, your access will be changed to “view only” and you will not be able to make any changes without approval form the Greek Life Coordinator.
      2. If this editing period falls during the winter break, please note that your RSO renewal form is also due. Please click the link below to complete that form and turn it into the Greek Life coordinator with signatures from each person.
        1. RSO Renewal Form: Due by the beginning of every Spring semester.
  • Campus Involvement

    Campus Involvement / Point System

    Implemented in Spring 2018, Greek Council is asking all Fraternity & Sorority Life Chapters to get involved on campus! The information below is the point system and rules for each event. Please be sure your fill out the Pre-Event form AND the Post-Event form, to get points. Event forms do not include point opportunities that are for leadership positions. These will be confirmed through the office of Fraternity & Sorority Life. 

    a. Participate in 2 programs, events and activities sponsored Multicultural & Student Activities Center, ASU’s program council and other on-campus events sponsored by student organizations or university departments. This does not include Greek Week, Fall Fest, Homecoming or any athletic department event. (5 points) Participation is defined as at least 50% of the chapter is present at the event b. Chapters must disclose to the Greek Life office which events are being attended with at least 1 week notice

    b. Co-sponsor at least one activity/event with another fraternity or sorority. (5 points)

    c. Fifty percent of members must be actively involved in at least one other student organization, campus leadership role, campus committee, or other university sponsored groups.(5 points)

    d. Show ASU pride by actively participating in Homecoming activities. (5 points)

    e. Have at least 3 members serve as an Orientation Leader, Ram Round-Up leader and/or Rambassador. (5 points)

    f. Support ASU athletics by attending 5 sporting events. In order to receive the points for this (5 points) a. Support is defined as at least 50% of the chapter is present at the event b. Chapters must disclose to the Greek Life office which sporting events are being attended with at least 1 week notice

    g. Plan and execute Christmas with the Fraternity & Sorority Life. (5points) a. Fraternity & Sorority Life with the Fraternity & Sorority Life Committee will be a representative from each chapter, the chapter may hold elections for this position if they like. i. The committee is responsible for the events that will occur during the week ii. Each committee member is responsible for relaying information to their own chapter b. 50% of attendance is required at event designated by the Christmas with the Fraternity & Sorority Life Committee. i. This event and the activities involved are at the discretion of the committee.

    h. In order to be eligible for Fraternity & Sorority Life awards your chapter must have at least 20 campus involvement points. i. Failure to participate in campus involvement activities can affect eligibility for Fraternity & Sorority Life Awards.

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