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The Constitution of the Ram Rugby Football Club

Article I: Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Ram Rugby Football club.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to:

A. Introduce and promote the sport of Rugby, as recognized by the United States of America Rugby Football Union (USARFU)

B. Teach and enhance rugby rules and skills to the students involved

C. Improve the members' overall physical fitness

D. Represent Angelo State University in a competitive manner in tournaments and union competitions against other Rugby Football Clubs

E. Offer each member the chance to improve leadership skills by democratically being chosen to serve in leadership positions

Article III: Membership and voting privileges

Section 1. The membership of the Ram Rugby Football Club shall be open to all currently enrolled, full or part-time, graduate or undergraduate students at Angelo State University.

Section 2. Each member shall be entitled to participate in meetings and practices.

Section 3. Each member who is enrolled at Angelo State University, and is eligible to compete in collegiate rugby during the upcoming season according to USARFU guidelines shall be eligible to run for office. 

Section 4. Each member shall be eligible to hold membership on organization committees.

Section 5. Voting privileges are open to currently enrolled Angelo State University students that meet the following guidelines:

a). Currently eligible to compete in collegiate rugby according to USARFU guidelines

b). Played and practiced for four weeks prior to the general election

c). Fully paid their dues prior to voting

Article IV. Officers

Section 1. The officers of the Ram Rugby Football Club shall be President, Vice President, Recruiting officer/first year player liaison, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Equipment Manager. Members who have voting privileges in the manner described in this constitution shall elect all officers. These officers shall comprise the executive committee.

Section 2. Candidates for office must be Angelo State University students who are in good standing with the University and possess an overall GPA of 2.00 or greater. Additionally, candidates must be eligible to compete in collegiate rugby according to USARFU guidelines for the upcoming year of competition.

Section 3.Officers shall be elected annually during the first week of February. New officers will assume their roles at the end of the spring semester. This election process is intended to provide new officers with the opportunity to learn the responsibilities of their positions from outgoing officers. Outgoing officers are not relieved of their responsibilities to the club until the end of the spring semester.

A. The election ballot shall be created by floor nominations. A minimum of two candidates for each office shall appear on the election ballot.

B.Candidates shall declare a willingness to serve in the positions for which they have been nominated.

B. Each officer will be elected by a majority vote of the members that are eligible to vote

Section 4. Officer responsibilities are outlined below for each office:

-Getting players to fill out CIPP forms and Member Information forms
-General club organization
-Making sure that all of the other officers are doing their job
-Collecting dues
-Applying for university funding programs
-Filling out any paperwork associated with the club
-Recruiting players
-Attend and organize officer's meeting with other officers

Vice President

-Help the president out in his job

-Oversee fund-raising activities for the club
-Player recruitment
-Collecting dues
-Recruiting players
-Will succeed the president in the event that the president resigns

-Collecting dues
-Reimbursing people promptly after they pay for club costs
-Paying fees (Tournament, CIPP, etc.)
-Recruiting players
-Maintaining accurate accounting procedures
-Authorizing and signing checks approved by the club

Match secretary
-Attending the scheduling meeting 
-Collecting dues
-Organizing home and away games
-Home games: Getting directions to the visiting team, scheduling a ref
-Away games: Getting directions to pitch, scheduling a ref
-Tournaments: Finding a hotel within 3 miles of venue, getting directions, getting tournament fee paid and hotel rooms secured
-Advertising the home games to people
-Press releases
-Recruiting players

Recruiting officer/first year player liaison
-Keep detailed records of officers meetings and general meetings
-Record minutes of the meetings
-Maintaining a current list of membership with telephone numbers and mailing addresses
-Coordinate recruiting efforts for the team
-Send press releases to local and campus newspapers

Equipment manager

-Responsible for assuring that all necessary equipment is available for practices and training camps

-Responsible for assuring that the field is ready for home matches

-Making sure that equipment is kept clean and in order

-Responsible for making sure that all equipment for cup and friendly matches is ready

-Serve as liaison between the club and University Recreation department

Article V: Faculty Advisor

Section 1. The club will select a member of the faculty or staff of Angelo State University to serve as an organizational advisor. The advisor will have authority over the financial records or expenditures of the organization; a copy of each financial statement and expenditure from any account that the club holds must be forwarded to the advisor for review and approval. The advisor will serve as secondary liaison between the club and University Recreation department

Article VI: Quorum

Section 1. A quorum of more than one half of the entire membership must be present in order to conduct club business. In the event a vote on a matter is called for, a quorum of more than one half of the eligible voting members, as defined in this constitution, must be present in order to conduct club business.

Article VII: By-Laws and Amendments

Section 1. By-laws consistent with this constitution shall be adopted or amended by a 2/3rds majority vote of the votes cast.

Section 2. Amendments to this constitution may be initiated by the Executive Committee or upon petition to the Executive Committee by ten percent of the voting members.

Section 3. The constitution may be amended by a 2/3rds majority vote of the votes cast.

Article VIII: Coach

Section 1. The coach is appointed by a general agreement between the coach and the officers of the team immediately after the officer's election. If requested at the general election, officer candidates must state who they would appoint as coach following the election. The officers choose the coach by a simply majority vote if requested by one of the officers. The appointed coach must be a USARFU certified coach. 

Section 2. A coach can only be removed during a fall/spring season by a 2/3rds majority vote of members in good standing with the club that have paid their dues, are currently eligible to play collegiate rugby according to USARFU guidelines, and have played for a month or longer prior to the election. Any member eligible tovote according to the constitution may call for removal of the coach; however, an officer may not initiate this request for a vote. An alternate coach that is currently USARFU Level I certified must be presented to the team at the time that a vote is requested. Such a vote can only take place once during a fall/spring season.