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ASU Rugby Officer's Guide

The purpose of this guide is to orient new rugby club officers to ASU Rugby. This guide is intended to provide officers with all of the basic information that they will need to keep the club running properly. The guide starts the year out at the beginning of the scheduling meeting and concludes with officer's elections in April. Officers, or potential officers will also want to look at the bylaws portion of this webpage.

Electronic Information
Recsports website: http://www.angelo.edu/services/recsports/
UC Program Office: http://www.angelo.edu/services/program_office/
TRU College Rugby Website: http://trucollegerugby.com/
Texas Rugby Union Website: http://www.texasrugbyunion.com/
USA Rugby Website: http://www.usarugby.org/
Society of Texas Rugby Referees: http://www.strr.net/
Western Rugby Union: http://www.wrfu.org/
Planet Rugby: http://www.planet-rugby.com/

Scheduling Meeting 
We are required to have at least one representative from the club show up to the meeting. If we do not provide an officer, the club's cup matches will be scheduled by all of the other clubs in our division. As would be expected, the schedule will not take into account certain dates that are bad dates to schedule a rugby match, so it is important that we be there. Additionally, we will be bound by anything that is voted on in that meeting.

At the end of the meeting, or after the meeting, we will be required to submit our schedule to the Collegiate Coordinator. It is important to do this in order to make sure that the referee's get our schedule and know when to schedule a referee for our home matches.

Scheduling strategies are going to change with each year, but try to make sure that your first cup match is scheduled no earlier than the end of September to give your team enough time to prepare themselves for the competitive season. Also, think about scheduling teams that had a rough year the season prior early on in the Fall semester.

Start of Rugby Season (All officers)
Rugby 15s season starts at the beginning of our school year (August). There are some important things that have to occur before we start our competitive season:

1). All of our players have to be CIPP'd with USARugby. You can find the CIPP forms on the USARugby website. It is important to get everyone CIPP'd since that validates the liability insurance that comes with CIPP registration. Currently, we have to turn these forms directly into USARugby; check the TRU website or ask the collegiate secretary to make sure that this is still the policy if you are not sure about this. You will have to pay the CIPP dues as well as Texas and West dues for each player that is CIPP'd. Check the TRU website for the current procedure to follow for paying TRU and West dues.

2). Make sure that the club fills out all of the forms that the intramural department wants us to fill out. These forms will include such things as ASU club registration, budget forms and membership rosters. You can find copies of these forms on the Recsports website.

3). Make sure that players fill out their membership information and liability waiver form. These are forms for the recreational sports department as well. 

4). Make sure that the forms mentioned in #2 and #3 are turned into the recreational sports department.

5). Once the schedule is finalized, provide copies of the schedule to players, the RamPage (school newspaper), recreational sports and the UC Program Office.

6). At the very first few practices, collect player names and phone numbers and develop a phone/email list out of this. Email is the primary way to go when informing players about last minute changes to schedules or practice. This will also help you collect dues.

7). Fort Worth throws a tournament at the beginning of September or October that is an excellent opportunity to get new players interested in the sport.

8). Make sure that you prepare a club notebook in accordance with what TRU is requiring of clubs. You will need this for your first cup match. Currently, that notebook has to have a copy of the student's photo ID (Driver's License), a copy of their filled out CIPP form, a copy of any foreign student's I-20-ID form and a copy of any eligibility extension letter for players that have been given an extension of their eligibility by USARugby. 

9). College clubs are now required to have a USA rugby eligibility form filled out for every cup match. After the third week of classes, get players to sign the form and bring the form to the registrar's office so that it can be filled out. If the link to the form is dead, you may look for the form at the USA Rugby website.

Prior to each home game (2 weeks) Match Secretary's Duties
1). Make sure that recreational sports is aware of the fact that a match is going to be coming up.

2). Contact the scheduler from the Society of Texas Rugby Referees (STRR) to make sure that a referee is available for the match. At the same time, contact the visiting team and make sure that they are coming and bringing a 2nd side if you have a 2nd side. This should all be done in the same email to make sure that you document the fact that both the referee and the visiting team knew about the match. Make sure that you follow up on all of this.

3). Publicize the match: Ask the recreational sports department to provide publicity for the match (flyers, etc.) Contact RamRadio (Campus Radio Station) and ask them to provide the club with some publicity. Contact the RamPage and tell them that the match is coming up.

4). Make sure that you arrange some type of hosting arrangement with the visiting team. There should be no alcohol present at this event since the club would be liable for anything that happened.

After each home game (Match Secretary's Duties)
1). Report the results of the game to the newspaper and recreational sports, INCLUDING losses. This is important since people that are interested in how the club is doing are going to want to know whether they won or lost. This also builds up some confidence and trust in the club's abilities to keep people informed.

2). Make sure that the score is reported to the collegiate secretary. CC the referee and the visiting club to make sure that the score is recorded properly and that you allow the club and referee the chance to challenge the score. 

3). Occasionally check the posted scores on the collegiate website or STRR website to make sure that they were reported correctly. This may be important toward the end of the semester when standings are decided upon.

Dues Collection (Treasurer)
1). Player dues should be collected early in the season. If you travel before the dues deadline, make sure that player's who travel to matches pay something toward their dues when they go on road trips.

2). Prior to the first home match, every player that plays (first or second side) should have paid their dues in full. Do not allow a player to play unless they have paid their dues. I would suggest only allowing payment schedules to rookies. Veterans know how much dues are, so they should be ready to pay them.

3). No merchandise (club t-shirt, etc) should be provided to a player until they have paid their dues in full. 

Away Matches (2 weeks prior) Match Secretary
1). Verify the match with the hosting club. If we are bringing two sides, make sure that the hosting club is aware of this.

2). Schedule hotels if the distance warrants it. You will have to use a credit card to do this since the club will likely not get into town until after the 6 PM courtesy hold.

3). Make up a map to the pitch and hotels and make copies of this map. If we are renting vans, then make sure that the directions use major roads. Whoever drives the vans will have to be 21 years old. 

4). Decide on a common meeting place and time for roadtrips. Stick to this throughout the year in order to avoid any confusion.

5). If the University is paying for the trip, make sure that you get an advance so that you are not out of pocket for any of the travel. Currently, only a faculty or staff member is allowed to do this for the club. They have to fill out an in-state or out-of-state travel request form and include a list of students that are traveling. After the trip, they have to fill out a student travel expense report and submit it to the Fiscal Office. MAKE SURE that you collect all of the receipts (Van Rental, Gas, Hotel) and turn those in with the report.

6). Make sure that a list of all students that are traveling is available, and have emergency contact phone numbers for each player. Emergency contact numbers are provided on the CIPP forms. 

Annual CIPP registration and TRU/West dues (Treasurer)
1). CIPP dues and TRU/West dues are currently due on February 15th. Check the TRU website to make sure that this is still the case, and to determine the procedures of paying these. You will need to pay for each player, even those new ones that registered in the Fall, since this is the start of a new fiscal year for USARFU.

2). Make sure that everyone fills out their new CIPP forms before the end of the Fall semester so that you can pay these dues on time. Don't try to do this at the beginning of the Spring semester since things are so hectic then anyhow.

3). This is a good time to check to make sure that you have a copy of everyone's driver's license since you will need it for the playoffs. It is also a good time to make sure that you have a copy of everyone's insurance card since that will be required for the playoffs.

Playoff run <<<Third week of Spring semester>>>
1). College clubs are now required to have a USA rugby eligibility form filled out for every cup match. After the third week of classes, get players to sign the form and bring the form to the registrar's office so that it can be filled out. If the link to the form is dead, you may look for the form at the USA Rugby website.

2). Make sure that you have copies of insurance cards for each player. These will be required for State and Territorial Championships. Examine the Collegiate Rugby website to see what is required for State Championships.

3). Take a look at the Western Rugby Union website to determine what other things are required of competing clubs for Territorial championships. There currently is a $100 entry fee payable to the West. Teams also have to submit a roster prior to the event.

4). Consider booking hotels well in advance of Westerns competition since 12 teams are going to be competing. If this is done in a small town, there may be trouble getting enough rooms.

Officer Elections and Coaches
1). Officer elections are held in April prior to the Austin tournament. Refer to the club bylaws for requirements of officers and officer eligibility. 

2). Also refer to the bylaws for coaches. TRU requires that coaches be Level One Certified. You can find a copy of the Level One Certification schedule at the USA Rugby website.