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1. Fitness
a. You are expected to keep yourself in shape between seasons
b. During the season, players should be running 5-7 miles/week outside of practice

2. Attendance at club functions (dinners, feeding visiting clubs) is mandatory. You are part of the team and we want you to act as a member of the team.

3. School comes first. We want you to be here next season to play rugby. You can't do that if you fail courses or lose a scholarship. However, there is no reason why you can not make every practice and game/tournament- maintain a balance and use time-management. If you cannot make practice then e-mail Dr. Flynn at Nick.Flynn@angelo.edu.

4. Players are required to maintain a current minimum GPA of 2.25 during the course of the semester. Monitoring of player GPAs will take place this year. There is a form posted for you to get filled out by your professors.

5. Those who show up to practice are given priority toward selection. If you cannot make practice then e-mail the coach at Nick.Flynn@angelo.edu. If you miss or intend to miss a practice, regardless of reason, then you owe the team a 6-minute drill, 3 cycles and 30 pushups. These must be completed before the next practice has ended. 

6. Alcohol (Please see our detailed alcohol and drug policy)
a. Absolutely, no alcohol is to be consumed the night before a match. 
b. No alcohol will be served at any official team function.
c. The ASU Rugby club is not a social club, it is an athletic club. The primary focus is on winning games and enjoying rugby, the focus is not on partying. 

7. NEVER walk away from the pitch angry. If you have an issue to resolve with the coach, officers or players take care of it as soon as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

8. Practice attendance is compulsory. Some leeway will be provided to first semester players, but veterans are well aware of practice times and team policies. Manage your time around practice.

9. Nobody is above the team. You are just as important to this team as every other player that is out there working to earn a position. The team existed before you; it will exist after you so check your ego at the bleachers.

10. Road trip rules
a. We leave 30 minutes after departure time no later. If you are not there then we leave without you.
b. If you leave the before or after the team does, notify one of the officers that you are doing this so that we don't wait for you. Also, if you are leaving the night before, leave before 9:00 PM if you want to start.

11. NO social events take precedence over team functions-ESPECIALLY parties

12. At the end of each practice or game ask yourself "Did I give everything that I had to give today?"