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Angelo State Rugby Hosting Policy
We want to first make it clear that both hosting and socializing with other rugby clubs is a very important aspect of rugby. It is one of the things that make this sport very unique when compared to most other sports. Having said that, the Angelo State Rugby club ALWAYS intends to host visiting clubs when they play us at home. We will provide clubs with something to eat, water and sodas to drink. We cannot, however, serve any alcoholic beverages at official club functions. The club is relatively new to ASU, and we intend to keep our noses as clean as possible when it comes to rugby after pitch events. 

Some of your coaches and supporters have been around rugby long enough (5 years or more), and can attest to the damaging effects of alcohol-related events to club reputation and stature on a college campus. There still are collegiate rugby clubs in our very own union that are trying to overcome a reputation associated with previous party events.

When we travel out of town, it is our intent to socialize with the clubs that we play. However, we cannot attend any official club function immediately after the match in which alcohol is served. We cannot do this for the reasons stated above. We also do not want to hurt your club building process, so we understand if you want to serve alcohol. If you do serve alcohol, however, we will not be able to attend.

It is our hope that by providing this policy to clubs up front that we avoid any hard feelings. It is NEVER our intent to simply walk off the pitch without making an effort to get to know the clubs that we play; this is not in the spirit of rugby. We just cannot do this if alcohol is being served after the match.