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We are always ready to welcome new players to our club. Here is the procedure that we need to follow in order to allow you to play for our club. The forms should take you, at most, 10 minutes to fill out.

New Player Certification

No ASU student will be allowed to play rugby for the ASU Rugby club until they complete the following:

1). Completed CIPP individual registration form (NOTE: Select "Create / Renew Individual Membership").

2). Pay at least $25 to the club treasurer to cover the cost of their dues. Regular club dues are $50, but first year players may pay this amount in two installments.

3). Provide a copy of their Driver’s License.

4). Provide a copy of Insurance Card with YOUR NAME on it. If you are insured under your parents, then they need to get a certificate from their insurance company that states that you are covered as a dependent under their policy.

5). Complete the Release and Indemnification Agreement form from the University Recreation Department.

6). Complete the personal information form. We realize that some of this may be redundant, but we need to make sure that we have this information on file in the event that it is needed.