Opportunities for Members

Rosetta Stone
The Russian Club is proud to provide access to Rosetta Stone software for all three levels of the Russian language. This software is now available on all computers in the language lab, the main room of the MCS lab and the 3rd-floor library lab. Students interested in using RS must be issued a username and password which can be attained my emailing the Russian Club. Remember to grab a headset with a mic from the help desk in the labs!

The Russian Club has begun its own collection of Russian videos. The collection can be found in Mrs. Davis' office in the Modern Languages Department on campus. These titles are available for checkout by students and members of the Russian Club. Titles include:

  • Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears  »  М¾сква Слеза¼ Не ’ерит
  • The Irony of Fate  »  Ир¾½ия Судьбы
  • The Irony of Fate Continued  »  Ир¾½ия Судьбы Пр¾д¾лже½ие
  • Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation  »  Ива½ ’асильевич Ме½яет Пр¾фессию
  • The Return  »  ’¾звраще½ие
  • Animated Soviet Propaganda
  • The October Revolution to Perestroika
  • Siberiade  »  Сибириада
  • Brother  »  ‘рат
  • Commissar  »  К¾¼иссар
  • Night Watch  »  Н¾ч½¾й д¾з¾р
  • Day Watch  »  Н¾ч½¾й ”½ев½¾й д¾з¾р

The Media Office in the library basement is able to obtain other titles upon request.