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Student Service Fee Committee


Due to overwhelming requests, the committee decided to return to the original process of requiring all groups/departments to make a formal request for SSF funds.  Each group will be required to present a budget to the committee outlining the 2012–13 allocation with actual line-item expenditures along with the 2013–14 budget proposal with line-item requests. This process ensures that the committee will have a clear understanding of the group’s request and its goals for the next fiscal year. Each group will have approximately 10 minutes to present their request to the committee. Following the presentation, the committee will have approximately five minutes to ask questions to the group/department. 

The committee will determine allocations based on several criteria: (1) Is the request in accordance with the original intent of the statute, (2) Proven need of the student group/department, (3) Group/Department strategies to enhance student success, and (4) Recruitment and retention efforts. The committee will use a rubric to decide if the group/department proposal correlates with the four criteria listed above. A more detailed breakdown of the four criteria is provided below.  

Request in accordance with the original intent of the statute

  • SSF allocations are intended to support activities which are separate and apart from the regularly scheduled academic functions of the institution and directly involve or benefit students.
  • The group/department must be able to demonstrate that the student activity is “above and beyond” normal student involvement activities on campus.

Proven need of a student group

  • The group/department must be able to prove that without funding from the SSF, they could no longer operate at the same level of efficiency without greatly affecting the quality of their services or programs.
  • The group must provide any other sources of funding (e.g. academic departments/colleges, auxiliaries, or private donations).

Group strategies to enhance student success

  • The group must demonstrate that the students associated with their group/department are successful, academically or otherwise, as a direct result of their services provided by the SSF funds.
  • Relative to the QEP, there should be a focus on a wider range of knowledge and skills outside of the classroom (e.g. community engagement, service learning, etc.). 

Recruitment and retention efforts

  • The group must demonstrate that students have been recruited and retained as a result of the funding received by the SSF (e.g. scholarships, programming, activities, etc.). 
  • Group/Department promoting ASU through academic, athletic, and extramural involvement.

 If a group/department plans to present multiple proposals, the committee encourages the group/department to combine all proposals into one time block.

The group/department representative should contact Bradley Petty (, Student Service Fee Committee Chair, to reverse a time. Please prepare 20 hard copies of the presentations and proposals to submit to the committee. 

If you have any questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Bradley Petty at

 Members of the Committee
Bradley Petty, Chair Executive Director of Student Affairs
Eddie Rodriguez Staff Senate Representative
Janet Maxwell Faculty Senate Representative
Jamie Aken University Representative
Tyler Griffon Student Representative
Nancy Long Student Representative
Mary Jones Student Representative
Jarrett Lujan Student Representative
Darian Glenn Student Representative
Duane Pruitt Director of Budget
Brandy Hawkins Director of Grants & Operations