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2017 RamStar Recipients

RamStar awardees are recognized at the Staff Senate meeting following the month of their nomination.


  • Ashley Baccus, Department of Communications and Mass Media
  • Michelle Newell, Human Resources
  • Tiffany Hinkley, Admissions
  • Kristi Flores, Admissions
  • Christian Salamina, Information Technology
  • Jessica Albus, Information Technology
  • Randall Jenkins, Student Affairs
  • Dallas Swafford, Student Affairs


  • Raymond Bradshaw, Facilities Management  
  • Stacey Saue, Purchasing and Operations
  • Tanya Bigg, Office of Development
  • Chris Steele, Information Technology
  • Linda Dunn, Information Technology  
  • Rebecca Schkade, Information Technology
  • Stephen Schkade, Information Technology


  • Kristi Flores, Admissions  
  • Jackie Droll, Information Technology
  • Melissa Wood, Registrar’s Office  
  • Victor Chhour, Information Technology
  • Sandy Covington, College of Arts and Humanities


  • Jason Galigadd, Facilities Management  
  • Casey Baccus, Archer College of Health and Human Services
  • Stacy Bryan, Freshman College
  • Deanna Gully, Freshman College
  • Jazmin Hernandez, Freshman College
  • Jordan Kalina, College of Business
  • Richard Jones, Freshman College
  • Crystal Nelms, Archer College of Health and Human Services
  • Andrea Robledo,David L. Hirschfeld Department of Engineering  
  • Justine Salgado, Archer College of Health and Human Services
  • Michelle Vanderzant, Freshman College
  • Meagan Word, College of Education
  • Kelsey Samsel, College of Business
  • Lynette Wheeler, Controller’s Office
  • Chris Houston, Admissions
  • Mike Gustin, Facilities Management
  • Autumn Barnes, Library
  • Kristi Flores, Admissions
  • Sierra Ruiz, Admissions
  • Antonella Ward, Library
  • Jason Brake, Information Technology
  • Amanda Martinez, Admissions
  • Kerri Diane Mikulik, Office of Admissions
  • Jessica Johnson, Multicultural 


  • Jessica Johnson, Multicultural & Student Activities Programs
  • Casey Thieman, SAEM
  • Stacey Sauer, Purchasing
  • Alex Castro, Admissions
  • Jarett Lujan, Admissions
  • Brooke Flores, Admissions
  • Chris Houston, Admissions
  • Christabel Romine, Admissions
  • Daniela Gonzalez, Admissions
  • Heather Crawford, Admissions
  • Cecelia Miller, Admissions
  • Alica Atkins, Financial Aid


  • Jayna Phinney, College of Science and Engineering
  • Cecilia Hernandez, Admissions
  • Kim Wirth, Library
  • Jordan Kalina, College of Business
  • Stacey S Sauer, Purchasing
  • Poly Riddle, Registrar’s Office
  • Victor Chhuor, Information Technology
  • Catarino S. Galvan, Facilities Management
  • Carey Taylor, Information Technology


  • Lorina Soza, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Casey Thieman, Office of the Vice President SAEM
  • Josh Plesant, Office of the Vice President SAEM/Housing and Residential Programs
  • Jamie Huff, Purchasing
  • Courtney Wilson, Office of the Registrar


  • Christabel Romine, Admissions
  • Christine Burrell, Information Technology
  • Heather Crawford, Admissions


  • Melissa Y. Lacy, Admissions
  • Jon Wilcox, Information Technology
  • Hannah Robertson, Enrollment Management Operations
  • Jessica Gooch, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Erin Girsch, Freshman College and Center for Academic Excellence
  • Luann McCorkle, Office of Human Resources
  • Erika Munoz, Honors Program


  • Brittney Miller, Office of Communication and Marketing
  • Leonor Constancio, Office of Communication and Marketing
  • D.D. Norton, History Department
  • Michelle Michaelis, Purchasing Travel
  • John Mathews, Information Technology
  • Erin Johnson, Library
  • Kimberly Wirth, Library
  • Connie Carter, Library
  • Autumn L. Barnes, Library
  • Shaday Reyes, Library
  • Suzanne Campbell, Library
  • Shannon Sturm, Library
  • Angela Skaggs, Library
  • Margaret Alexander, Library


  • Jamie Huff, Purchasing and Operations
  • Jessica Manning, Business Services
  • Jennifer Barrientos, Accounting, Economics and Finance