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2016 RamStar Recipients

RamStar awardees are recognized at the Staff Senate meeting following the month of their nomination.


  • Joey Hereford, Information Technology
  • Robert J Garcia, Multicultural Center
  • Angie Fraga, Admissions
  • Lorina Soza-Klingemann, Multicultural Center
  • Mark Halfmann, Facilities Management
  • Daniel Martinez, College of Education


  • Matthew “Ty” Walden, Information Technology
  • Erika Baeza de Villarrea,l Multicultural Center
  • Robert Garcia, Multicultural Center
  • Julie Ruthenbeck, Career Development


  • Tracy Baker, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Terry Apodaca, Physics and Geoscience
  • Sam Mendoza, Student Life
  • Keith Hoelscher, Financial Aid


  • Elicia Rankin, Purchasing and Operations
  • Christabel Romine, Admissions
  • Rachel Riggs, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Martha Hicks, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Tyler Blount, Financial Aid
  • Mary Beth Dingus, Housing and Residential Programs 
  • Lorina G. Soza-Klingemann, Multicultural Center
  • Robert J. Garcia, Multicultural Center


  • Faustino (Frosty) Aguilar, Information Technology
  • Brandy Hawkins, SAEM Grants and Operations
  • Denise Brodnax, Controller
  • Martha Cox, Student Accounts/Bursar
  • Jayna R. Phinney, Communication and Marketing
  • Jon Wilcox, Information Technology
  • Jackie Droll, Information Technology
  • Andrew Waggoner, Facilities Management
  • Tyler Blount, Financial Aid
  • Teresa Adams, Information Technology


  • Rebecca Schkade, Information Technology
  • Brittney Miller, Communication and Marketing
  • Jolene Varela, Facilities Management
  • Amanda Ritchie, Transition and Family Relations


  • Randy Roeder, Facilities Management
  • Lynette Wheeler, Student Accounts/Bursar’s
  • Martha Cox, Student Accounts/Bursar’s
  • Jessica Bond, Veterans Educational and Transitional Services
  • Phillip H. Nichelson Jr., Veterans Educational and Transitional Services


  • Lynette Wheeler, Student Accounts/Bursar’s


  • Hal E. Peter, Facilities Management
  • Henry Begil, Print Shop
  • Aaron Carrillo, Print Shop
  • Ervin Halfmann, Print Shop
  • Brian Jackson, Information Technology
  • Tanner Bryant, Information Technology
  • Luann McCorkle, Human Resources
  • Jessica Harlin, Human Resources


  • Joey Hereford, Information Technology
  • Jackie Baxter, Controller’s Office
  • Paul Hamilton, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Michelle Norris, Scholarship Programs
  • Bill Bloom, Financial Aid
  • Clint Havins, Student Life
  • Christabel Romine, Admissions
  • Lauren Conaway, Admissions


  • Noe Fernandez, Facilities Management
  • Melissa King, Admissions


  • Mary Charles, Parking Services
  • Tara Hart, Admissions
  • Angie Fraga, Admissions
  • Mary Anne Lowe, College of Business
  • Antonella Ward, Library
  • Andrew Waggoner, Facilities Management
  • Casey Baccus, Archer College of Health and Human Services
  • Katie Dixon, Information Technology
  • Jennifer Stephens, Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance 
  • Julie Ruthenbeck, Career Development
  • Joshua Torres, ASU OneCard
  • Jason Brake, Information Technology
  • Jeff Sefcik, Enrollment Management
  • Bill Bloom, Financial Aid
  • Julia Valles, Financial Aid
  • Paula Dowler, Center for International Studies
  • Antonella Ward, Library
  • Joshua Bennett, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Thing Nguyen, Enrollment Management Operations
  • Autumn Barnes, Library
  • Erin Johnson, Library