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2013 RamStar Recipients

Ram Star awardees are recognized at the Staff Senate meeting following the month of their nomination.


  • Jay Halbert, Facilities Management
  • Crystal Schobel, Health and Human Services


  • Margaret Alexander, Library
  • Debra Blair, Registrar’s Office
  • DeAnna Gully, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Brandy Hawkins, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Brian Jackson, Information Technology
  • Diana Johnston, Accounts Payable
  • Jennifer Lennon, Materials Management
  • Judy Stanley, Student Accounts / Bursar’s Office
  • Sallie Word, Travel Department


  • Autumn Barnes, Library
  • Denise Brodnax, Controller’s Office
  • Deanna Gully, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Alfred Morales, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Christena Parks, Academic Affairs
  • Eddie Rodriguez, University Police


  • Casey Baccus, College of Health and Human Services
  • Aaron Carrillo, Print Shop
  • MaryAnne Lowe, College of Business
  • Mark Multer, Facilities Management
  • Katie Plum, College of Graduate Studies
  • Courtney Wilson, Registrars Office


  • Mark Allan, Library
  • Terry Apodaca, Physics and Geosciences
  • Michelle Bennett, Financial Aid
  • Kent Corder, Information Technology
  • Patrick Dierschke, Information Technology
  • Adra Enos, Career Development
  • Mary Escobar, Financial Aid
  • Maurice Fortin, Library
  • Angie Fraga, Outreach and Transfer Services
  • Robert Garcia, Central Receiving / Supply
  • Amanda Guthrie, HSI Title V Grant
  • Jay Halbert, Facilities Management
  • Paul Hamilton, Housing and Residential Programs
  • Jessica Manning, Special Events Facilities / Services
  • Pat Payne, Facilities Planning and Construction
  • Dan Robertson, University Recreation
  • Kelsey Samsel, HSI STEM
  • Sarah Schmidt, Library
  • Joe’L Sefcik, Admissions
  • Michelle Steely, Center for Student Involvement
  • Phillip Storm, Facilities Management
  • Shannon Sturm, Library
  • Jeromey Whitaker, University Recreation
  • Kristi Wolff, Freshman College


  • Paula Bradley, Mail Services
  • Jeremy Brake, Information Technology
  • Chad Harris, Registrar’s Office
  • Jennifer McAndrews, College of Graduate Studies
  • Marshell Peter, Information Technology, Project Office
  • Meghan Seibert, College of Education
  • Lorina Soza, Multicultural Center
  • Princess Fiel Wade, OneCard Office
  • Audrey Wilson, Student Services


  • Kathy Ashton, Institutional Research
  • Jaxine Boling, Visual and Performing Arts


  • Michelle Bennett, Enrollment Management
  • Rosalinda Castro, Registrar’s Office
  • Paula Dowler, Center for International Studies
  • Kent Frazier, Parking Services
  • Mark Multer, Facilities Management
  • Thinh Nguyen, Admissions
  • Meghan Pace, Center for International Studies
  • Sandra Rosser, OneCard Office and Parking Services
  • Stacey Sauer, Purchasing (2 nominations)


  • Kevin Conner, Information Technology
  • Kailee Malleck, Special Events Office
  • Anna Martinez, Ticket Office


  • Kimberly Wirth, Porter Henderson Library


  • Raymond Bradshaw, Facilities and Maintenance
  • Ty Walden, Information Technology