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Paying Tuition and Fees

As the parent of an ASU student, you may be looking for an easy way to pay for your student’s tuition and fees. We offer a number of bill pay options, but they do require some initial setup for parents.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition and fees are due once your student registers for classes. Check the academic calendar for posted tuition deadlines, but most initial payments are typically due the week before classes start.

Your student will not be sent a bill. We send emails to students’ ASU email addresses to let them know their bills are available through our online portal, RamPort. Students may also elect to have phone calls and/or text messages sent to a phone number of their choice.

Failure to meet payment deadlines will result in your student being dropped from any registered courses. We cannot guarantee that your student will be able to re-register for classes or that your student will receive credit for completed coursework. For more details, please refer to the Student Payments page.

Payment Information

Designating Authorized Users

Federal laws prevent us from sharing student financial information without your student’s permission. Your student can designate you as an authorized user who can view and/or pay the bill.

Typically, most parents work with their student to complete this two-step process to give them access to student information:

  1. Setting up a Web Pay Authorized User allows parents to pay their student’s bill.
  2. Granting FERPA/Proxy Access allows parents to see the tuition and fees details of the bill.

    As part of designating FERPA/Proxy access, students can also grant parents or other authorized users access to view:

    • Address
    • Grades
    • Holds
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Tax notification

    Visit ASU’s FERPA website to learn more.

Additional Resources

Student Accounts/Bursar
Fax: 325-942-2701
ASU Station #11046, San Angelo, TX 76909