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Fixed Tuition Plan

Eliminate Uncertainty About Future Tuition Increases

Beginning in fall 2014, Angelo State University’s Fixed Tuition Plan allows incoming undergraduate students to lock in a designated tuition rate when they enroll that will remain the same for four consecutive academic years.

The Fixed Tuition Plan is a budgeting tool for students and families. With a traditional plan, designated tuition may increase over a four-year period, but selecting the Fixed Tuition Plan protects you from those increases.

Four academic years is defined as 12 consecutive semesters that include fall, spring and summer terms, regardless of multiple summer term enrollment (summer = 1 term). If you do not graduate within four academic years, you will then be subject to standard designated tuition rates.

How It Works

Incoming undergraduate freshmen and transfer students, including online-only students, may select the Fixed Tuition Plan. Both Texas residents and out-of-state students are eligible, and selection of the plan does not require enrollment in a minimum or maximum number of credit hours.

  1. Choose the Fixed Tuition Plan

    Select the Fixed Tuition Plan option online when you register for your first semester at ASU. If you do not select the option during registration, you can still choose the Fixed Tuition Plan as long as you do so before the fixed designated tuition payment deadline, which is typically 5 p.m. on the Friday before the first class day of your first semester.

    Students who do not select the Fixed Tuition Plan for their first semester lose the option for the duration of their undergraduate education. However, if you enroll at ASU for the first time during a summer session, you will have the opportunity to select the Fixed Tuition Plan during registration for the following fall semester.

  2. Enjoy your locked-in rate for four years.

    Students who choose fixed designated tuition remain on the plan for four consecutive academic years, which includes summer terms during that time.

    If you leave ASU for one or more semesters, you can resume your Fixed Tuition Plan when you return, but the time you were away still counts toward your four consecutive years.

    Opting Out: You may opt out of the plan in writing at any time. The regular tuition rate will be effective the next semester. If you choose to opt out of the Fixed Tuition Plan, you will lose eligibility for the plan and will no longer be allowed to opt in.

Standard vs. Fixed Tuition

ASU’s standard tuition rate changes slightly each year, versus the fixed tuition rate that locks in one designated tuition price each semester for four years.

What is Designated Tuition?

Your undergraduate tuition is broken down into two components: state tuition and designated tuition. Designated tuition is a local tuition collected to support the operations and activities of the university. ASU’s Fixed Tuition Plan only locks in your designated tuition rate.

More Information

To learn more about ASU’s Fixed Tuition Plan, contact the Student Accounts Office at 1-877-942-2008.