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Export Control

What is export control?

U.S. laws regarding the export of certain technologies and information are broad in their applicability, and they are designed to protect U.S. security, defense, and other national interests. While they include obvious prohibitions on the physical shipment of things like military-grade weapons to certain other countries, export control laws also cover the sharing of certain technological or sensitive information with non-U.S. persons while they are on U.S. soil. Even something as basic as a non-pathogenic organism used in undergraduate research could be covered by export control laws.

ASU engages in research and related activities that may involve the purchase, use, and/or transmittal of these protected technologies and information, and we must comply with U.S. regulations regarding access to them. Operating Policy 56.14 describes ASU’s process for complying with U.S. Export Control laws.

What types of research or related activities might involve export control issues?

What if my research involves export controlled items? Am I barred from doing the research?

You can most likely still conduct your research. We just have some additional steps we may need to take to ensure compliance with the regulations. Those steps may include implementing a technology control plan to demonstrate how we will comply or applying for a license with the appropriate federal agency. Both of these processes do take a bit of time, though, so we recommend you start them well ahead of when you plan to begin your project.

How do I know if my research or related activities involve export control issues?

Please take a moment to review ASU’s Operating Policy on Export Control to learn more about the requirements.

Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects if you think your project may involve export controlled goods, technologies, or information.

Regulations Governing Exports