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External Grant Opportunities

Instructions For Applying For External Grant Funding

Each proposal for external funding for research or a sponsored project must be accompanied by an Institutional Grant Approval Form. This is an in-house document and should not be sent to the funding agency.

The term Principal Investigator (used interchangeably with Project Director) refers to the faculty or staff member who would be designated in charge of the project if it receives funding. This person must be a member of the faculty in the professorial ranks, a professional staff member or a research scientist at the MIR Center of ASU at the time the proposal is submitted and when the award is funded. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for entering the information requested on the approval form. The accompanying abstract should be short and written in terms an educated layperson can understand.

There are several levels of review for the proposal. The reviews and the estimated time requirements for these reviews is described in the Plan for Preparing and Submitting Proposals for External Funding.

Bring a copy of the program guidelines for the application with you when reviewing the agency guidelines and allowable costs with the Director of Sponsored Projects.

Once the pre-approvals from the Department Chair and Academic Dean are obtained, the signed Grant Approval Form should be attached to the abstract and project budget. Bring these materials to the Director of Sponsored Projects, who will facilitate obtaining the rest of the required signatures.

Plan For Preparing And Submitting Proposals For External Funding

Proposal Planning
Planning Session with Director of Sponsored Projects
Call 325-942-2530 to make an appointment.

Pre-approval of Grant Proposal
Academic Component Approval of Institutional Contribution

Proposal Preparation
Assistance with Proposal Preparation: Director of Sponsored Projects

Internal Review Process (Begin at least 5 business days prior to submission date)
Assistance with Internal Review*

Final Approval

*The multiple internal reviews can be concurrent and require signature approvals

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