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Internal Grant Opportunities

Faculty Research Enhancement Program (FREP) Grants

The Faculty Research Enhancement Program (FREP) encourages and provides support for faculty members to engage in innovative research. The competition for these yearlong seed grants runs annually each fall, and it is open to all permanent (non-visiting), full-time faculty at ASU. Faculty may download the current request for applications and required forms from RamPort.

Individuals with questions about the program should contact the Office of Sponsored Projects at

Provost’s Scholars Program

The Provost’s Scholars program is designed to provide faculty members an opportunity to obtain course release time to pursue research or creative activity. The primary purpose of the program is not to provide startup funding for equipment or materials, nor to support faculty travel, but to allow faculty the time to work on research or creative activity. All full-time faculty are eligible for the Provost’s Scholars program. The application is for one to four courses of release time spread over one to four semesters.

More information about the program, guidelines for writing a proposal, and the application cover page can be found on the Faculty page in RamPort.