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Dual Credit STEM Students

First Year Research Experience Grant

Generally, students with a 3.5 or higher high school grade point average are most competitive; however, students who demonstrate a high level of analytical ability, intellectual curiosity, and motivation are encouraged to apply. We are especially seeking qualified students from under-represented groups. Previous research experience is helpful but not required. Participation in the Honors College is not required. 

  • Participating Programs

    FYRE grants are currently available in the following disciplines:

    • Biology
    • Computer Science
    • English/Modern Languages
    • History
    • Management/Marketing
    • Math
    • Political Science
    • Philosophy
    • Physics
    • Psychology/Sociology/Social Work
    • Security Studies
    • Visual/Performing Arts

    Students who are admitted to ASU will receive notification in the early spring about the application deadline via their email account.

    Student applicants should understand the FYRE Grant is highly competitive and only a limited number of students will receive the grant. Applicants must convince the committee reviewing the applications that they are both capable and willing to do the work required to successfully complete a research/creative project at the university level.

  • Application

    Before beginning the application process, students should download and carefully read the First Year Research Experience Grant Document. Student applicants should understand the FYRE Grant is highly competitive. Students applying must convince the committee reviewing the applications that they are both capable and willing to do the work required to successfully complete a research/creative project at the university level. Simply completing the application does not guarantee the student will receive the grant.  

    To apply for the Research program, students must:

    1. Be admitted to Angelo State University as a degree seeking student.
    2. Complete the 3 question application in RAMS.
      1. Enter your ASU campus ID number
      2. Enter your ASU PIN
      3. Click the Financial Aid tab
      4. Click Application and Surveys
      5. Click 2017–18 Undergraduate Research Application
    3. Submit two recommendation letters from someone who is familiar with your academic work (ie. Teacher, instructor, counselor). Letters should be submitted directly to the Undergraduate Research Program (see below) by the person writing the recommendation. Students should provide a copy of the First Year Research Experience Grant Document (see above) to their recommenders. There is not a Letter of Recommendation Form. Letter writers should include information in a letter, addressed to First Year Research Experience Grant Committee, that will help the committee determine if you are willing, able, and disciplined enough academically to complete a year-long research project. The committee is looking for specific evidence of your academic qualities. 
    4. The student applying for the grant will submit a 1,000 word maximum essay to the Undergraduate Research Program electronically or as a hard copy. (See below for submission information.) Before beginning the essay, student applicants should understand they will need to convince the grant committee they are both capable and willing to engage in a year-long faculty-mentored project. The committee is looking for applicants who are curious, hard working, and interested in working with a faculty mentor.

    The student applicant should address the following prompt in his or her essay: 

    How will engaging in a faculty-mentored research project as an incoming first year student help you achieve your goals at Angelo State University and beyond? 

    Recommendation letters and essays should be submitted electronically to or to:

    Undergraduate Research Program
    ASU Station #10889
    San Angelo, TX 76909

    The application and additional documentation material listed above have a priority review deadline of March 15, 2017.

  • Grant Eligibility

    To be eligible, students must:

    1. be enrolled in ASU degree programs, and
    2. assume primary responsibility for their projects under faculty supervision.

    Students are ineligible:

    • After the first semester is the faculty mentor does not deem the project or the student’s continued funding advisable.
    • If the faculty member does not agree to continue the project in the following semester.
  • Student Grant Awards

    • The maximum amount will be $1,000 for each student.
    • Student awards will be disbursed to the student’s accounts with $250 released in the fall semester and $750 in the spring. Awards will not be released if the student has not registered for the research course.
    • Students may also request a maximum of $500 to cover itemized research‐related expenses. Supplemental budget requests will be considered after all awards have been granted. The itemized request accounts (M&O) will be created at the beginning of the spring semester.
    • Students must earn a grade of “B” or better in the independent research course in which the student is enrolled for the fall semester in order to receive grant funding for the spring semester.
  • Grant Requirements

    Students receiving grants must agree to:

    1. enroll in one-credit hour of directed independent study for which a letter grade is earned during the fall and three-credit hours of directed independent study in the spring semester for which the grant is awarded,
    2. produce a scholarly/creative product to be assessed by the faculty mentor and result in a grade for each of the required independent research courses.
    3. present their project at ASU’s undergraduate research symposium held at the end of each spring term.

    Students will not receive a grade for the independent study course taken during the spring semester until they have fulfilled the grant requirements above.

    Failure to fulfill these grant requirements may result in the following:

    • A hold placed on student records until these products are submitted or until such time as arrangements are completed with the Coordinator of Faculty Mentored Grant programs.
    • A refund of the grant funds.
    • Lack of eligibility for future grant funding from the Faculty Mentored Grant Program.
  • Further Encouragements

    • Student scholars and faculty mentors are strongly encouraged to present scholarly projects at professional conferences or other appropriate conferences, such as the Annual Meeting of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research or the Annual Meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council. (Travel funding available for students.)
    • They are also strongly encouraged to publish co‐authored manuscripts in professional publications.