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Data Standards

Data Standards Mission

The Mission of the Data Standards Committee is to protect the integrity of Angelo State University data housed in the Banner Information System and other systems which interface with Banner. The Data Standards Document details the established standards for the protection, access, and use of Angelo State University data that is electronically maintained in Banner. The Data Standards Document also defines the responsibilities of users who input and access that data. These Standards are expected to be followed by all who use Banner or any system that interface with Banner. Divisions/departments may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not replace or supersede these guidelines.

The Data Standards Team

The Data Standards Team is comprised of members of the ASU Community who come together to set standards concerning information stored in the Banner Information System as well as information stored in other systems that interface with Banner. These standards are determined through consensus of all constituents involved to find solutions that work for ASU coupled with best practices established by peer institutions.

Changes/Additions to the Standards

Banner has the capacity to allow its users to create a very dynamic data environment that has the potential to change constantly. Therefore, the Data Standards Team meets on a regular basis (monthly) to discuss proposed changes to the system by one group of users that may affect one or more other group of users. Proposed changes that do not require a lot of discussion are handled through RamPort utilizing group discussions, thus allowing decision to be made in a timely manner. Any change or update to a validation form that may affect other areas should be requested through the Data Standards Group. If you are unsure if a change you are requesting affects other areas, then you should send your request through the Data Standards Request Process. An example of this is that you may not realize that other offices are viewing data you input to help them complete one of their processes.

Data Standards Request Process

To request a change/update to a validation form, complete the Data Standards Request and email the document to one of the Data Standards Co-Chairs. Estimated amount of time to process a change request is usually within one week. If the request is complicated and requires team discussion or input from other areas, then the request may be held until it can be discussed at the next Data Standards meeting.

Since it is not possible to have representation from every department affected by Banner, members are requested to attend meetings with the mindset of representing everyone from their area. Example: A representative from Admissions would not only represent his/her own opinion on the subject at hand, but also that of all of admissions. Each member is asked to go back into their respective departments and inform others of discussions and decisions made.

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