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Office Policies

Office Equipment

Employers may use Career Development office equipment to make copies, send faxes and make long-distance telephone calls, if needed.

Policies for Employers Conducting On-Campus Recruitment

  • Employers who wish to conduct on-campus interviews must be hiring for specific positions within an identified company or organization.
  • Employers who wish to conduct on-campus interviews must complete an Interview Request and Schedule Form.
  • Employers who wish to conduct an information session are responsible for making food arrangements with Chartwells Catering Services. Before making food arrangements, employers should reserve a room by contacting Career Development.
  • Employers who want to use ASU media equipment for presentations must specify their needs, and Career Development will make the necessary arrangements.
  • Employers with outstanding fees from past job fairs will not be allowed to recruit on campus through Career Development until the fee is paid in full.

Policies for Students and Alumni During On-Campus Recruitment

  • ASU students and alumni may participate in on-campus recruitment efforts.
  • To participate in on-campus recruitment, individuals must have completed a career profile with the Career Development staff.
  • People who sign up to interview with a company have until 24 hours prior to their scheduled interview to withdraw themselves from the process.
  • Those who do not show up for their scheduled interview will be called at the number provided in their career profile by a staff member of the Career Development Office before 6 p.m. on the day the interview was missed to remind them that:
    • Individuals who do not show up for a scheduled interview will write a letter of apology to the representative of the company within 48 hours of their original interview time. A copy of the letter will be provided to the Career Development staff.
    • Students and alumni who do not show up for their interview and who fail to write a letter of apology and provide a copy of the letter to the Career Development staff within the designated time frame will be removed from all future interviewing schedules, and their career profile will be made inactive until this process is completed.
  • By signing up for an interview with a company, students and alumni certify they meet the minimum qualifications as stated in the on-campus recruitment forms the employer completes for the Career Development staff.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-time and temporary jobs entered on Career Development’s web page must offer monetary compensation, be local or a reasonable distance from ASU and offer a specific position. Part-time jobs will be posted within 24 hours.

Testing For Outside Companies or Agencies

The Career Development staff will not administer testing for companies or other universities. Testing needs should be referred to the Division of Extended Studies.

Web Pages

A Career Development assistant corrects or updates our web pages. Any changes or corrections that need to be made should be submitted as soon as they are identified. The director approves all links, changes, corrections or other information supplied for the web page.

Career Development reserves the right to deny an advertiser who’s posting, in the judgment of the office, is not in the students’ best interests. Such denial is done without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin or conditions of disability.

Career Development WILL NOT post a position if:

  • The employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation or on-campus sales.
  • Students are required to purchase or rent any type of sales kit or presentation supplies without prior notice.
  • The work assignment interferes with or negatively affects students’ academic progress, or requires or encourages students to discontinue their academic program of study.
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