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  • Career Development Overview – Provides an outline of the services and resources available through our department, such as career counseling and testing, resume assistance, mock interviews, job fairs and events, etc.
  • Career Planning & Decision Making – Career Development staff will discuss helpful ways to make decisions about your major/career. Should you keep it? Change it? And why? Practical tips as well as what not to do.
  • Internships & Part-Time Jobs: Why and How – Gain an understanding of the value an internship or relevant part-time job brings to the student’s experience and learn the process of seeking these opportunities.
  • How to Become Marketable by Graduation – Learn what you can do each year of college so that you have a job in hand at graduation.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing – Learn how to create effective documents or improve the ones you already have. Transform your application material into a powerful tool that will get you interviews.
  • Resume VS. CV – Find out the differences and similarities of these two documents.
  • Networking & Informational Interviews – Find out the how’s and why’s of networking to land a full-time job or internship.
  • Social Media & the Job Search – Obtain an overview of the appropriate use of social media for job searching purposes as well as strategies for utilizing it effectively.
  • Job Fair Success – Receive tips on attire, researching employers, creating your 60-second commercial, how to stand out from the competition, and more.
  • Interviewing Preparation and Techniques – Learn how to dress, interact, speak, and behave in a professional interview.
  • Dining Etiquette – Learn proper table conversation, overview of place settings, and general table manners.
  • Transition from Student to Professional – Practical tips on branding yourself as a new professional from communication skills and a positive attitude to polishing up the physical and virtual you.
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers – Find out what to consider when evaluating job offers, how to avoid reneging on a job offer, what happens when you do, and how to negotiate your salary.
  • Professionalism – Learn how to be successful your first year on the job by considering elements such as attire and office etiquette/protocol as well as what to avoid.

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  • Submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance. 
  • You may expect a response within 3-4 business days of your request.

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