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Career Resource Library

Career Resource Library
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Career Assessment and Planning Graduate School Guide
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Questions and Answers

How is the library helpful for job searches or choosing a major?
The books in our library offer a wide variety of assistance to students in various stages of their education and/or job search. When students are trying to figure out what their interests are in order to choose a major or types of classes to take, many of the books provide valuable information regarding educational requirements and academic areas to focus on.

Other details commonly found in the books address general job duties/responsibilities, work environment, person-environment fit, salary information and other important areas of interest. This information is not only useful to students trying to decide on a major, but also to those currently in the job search process. Other books that are useful during this process deal with résumés and cover letters, interviewing, job searches, etiquette and professional attire. We are constantly working to keep our library up-to-date with a variety of resources.

About how many books are in the library?
We have about 250 books in the library. Of those, about 200 are available for check out while the remaining comprise our reference section and can be viewed in the office.

Do you have staff members who can help me look for helpful books?
Our staff is always willing to provide students with any assistance they may need while reviewing the selections in the library. We can provide guidance about which books would best suit their needs and also offer suggestions of other books not currently available in our library.

How long can the books be checked out?
Books may be checked out for one week. Any books needed for a longer time period can be re-checked out.

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